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[ROCKBERRY] Apple with Freckles

September 28, 2011 Leave a comment

Apple now has freckles!

Located upstairs in the “Freckles” section.

Click here to visit [ROCKBERRY]

Skins sold in singles include blond, brown and black eyebrows with regular and cleavage enhancement.
Skins sold in packs of blond, brown or black eyebrows or the full complete pack of all 12 makeups with all eyebrow options.

~~~~~DON’T FORGET~~~~~~~~~
Megan skin line is available at the Juicy Mirabella sim.
[ROCKBERRY] @Juicy Mirabella

Cleavage for Eva, Lily, Mia, Willow, Farrah and Uma.
All tones available on shirt, undershirt, jacket and tattoo layers.
Come check it out, demos are free.
Inside the store on the wall across from my desk.

Cleavage for the Character skins is out now!

Don’t forget to check out modd.g, .:Twilythula:., HYPER CULTURE, :SK Designs:, (Elate!), and Kalnins at the [ROCKBERRY] Shopping Center located across from the store. They have lots of pretty things that I absolutely ❤LOVE ❤
[ROCKBERRY] Shopping Center

ღ Heather



September 3, 2011 Leave a comment

Lucky Letter boards have been updated with NEW skins!
There are also 4 other Lucky Letter boards placed in the store… one is out on the deck.
Thats 8 new free skins!

Click HERE to TP